Industrial Ceiling Fan (Domestic configuration)

Industrial Ceiling Fan

(Domestic configuration)

It's our pleasure to introduce the HVLS(High Volume- Low Speed) fan to you——large energy-saving fan with a diameter 3.4M up to 7.3M. Just with a power of 1.5KW or less, the blades are able to drive a mass of air and then produce a large scale of natural wind, which leads to the double functions of ventilation and temperature cooling. Compared with the traditional HVAC conditioners and small high-speed air blower, the fan has superior advantages in application, and is the ideal solution to ventilate and cool the air in large area.


  • Domestic Configuration (3.8m) Brand:DENUO
    Air volume:5800m³/min
    Max speed:65r/min
    Fan weight:75kg
    Cover Area:500㎡
    Noise level:≦60dB(A)

  • Domestic Configuration (4.9m) Brand:DENUO
    Air volume:11250m³/min
    Max speed:60r/min
    Fan weight:110kg
    Cover Area:800㎡
    Noise level:≦60dB(A)

  • Domestic Configuration (5.5m) Brand:DENUO
    Air volume:11850m³/min
    Max speed:60r/min
    Fan weight:115kg
    Cover Area:1000㎡
    Noise level:≦60dB(A)

  • Domestic Configuration (6.1m) Brand:DENUO
    Air volume:12150m³/min
    Max speed:55r/min
    Fan weight:120kg
    Cover Area:1100㎡
    Noise level:≦60dB(A)

  • Domestic Configuration (7.3m) Brand:DENUO
    Air volume:13050m³/min
    Max speed:50r/min
    Fan weight:130kg
    Cover Area:1300㎡
    Noise level:≦60dB(A)

Main Components Tech

  • Motor system
  • Hub
  • Control system
  • Fan blade technology
  • Winglet
  • Driving Motor

    Motors developed by Taiwan GUAYAW.Top class driving parts to promise durability and reliability.

  • 1500T Hot Forging & Numerical Control Machining & CNC Precise Machining

    The die-casting high-strength aluminum alloy material is used to effectively prevent the pores and burrs and prevent the root fracture risk. The machining center is used for one-time forming, the impact resistance is stronger, and the accidental rigid collision will not break.

  • Fan Control Box

    1. VFD use chinese good quality;
    2. Dust-proof boards installed in the control box can effectively isolate dust and oil mist enters the electric box and can work in different environments.
    3. The panel of the control box is equipped with Run/Stop switch and speed-regulating knob. At the same time, the panel is equipped with transparent observation window, which can monitor the speed in real time and make the operation more convenient.

  • Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Fan Blade

    Adopt imported special high strength aviation magnesium-aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment,and aerodynamics fan blade design.There is strengthening support system inside,which increases the strength of fan blade and avoids the drop of fan blade tail and the loss and fatigue of fan blade to connecting pieces completely.

  • Aerodynamics Winglet

    Aerodynamic tail fins are often seen on airplanes and racing cars, but they are not not designed for beauty。Eddies will be formed in the end of the streamlined fan blade while airflow is running. With winglet, this part of energy loss will be avoided,fan will run steadily, which will bring economic effect.

Installation Condition


Application case

  • Machining industry
  • Automotive & Motorcycle Industry
  • Electrical & Home Appliance Industry
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Clothing and shoes
  • ...
  • stadium
  • Exhibition hall
  • Practice room
  • school
  • Playground
  • ...


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