Industrial fan range

August 05 , 2019
      Large industrial fans with a maximum diameter of 7.3 m! Streamlined blades made with aerodynamics and advanced technology can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5 kW, producing a large area of natural breeze system for ventilation and The dual function of cooling. Compared with traditional HVAC and small high-speed fans, it has unparalleled application advantages, and is the perfect solution for high space ventilation and cooling.
      With the low-carbon, environmentally-friendly concept and excellent demonstration effect, the high-volume, low-speed and large-scale industrial ceiling fans are gradually being used in large-scale factories, logistics warehouses, distribution centers, farms, shopping malls, stadiums, stations, airports and other large public buildings. It is an ideal choice for indoor air conditioning to cool down and remove damp heat. The following Beibo Xiaobian introduces the effect of industrial large ceiling fans on various occasions:
Very large workshops: such as mechanical processing plants, auto repair shops, aircraft assembly plants, shipyards and other large workshops. The fan is used, the ventilation efficiency is high, the wind speed is slow and stable, and the worker feels cool and does not blow the workpiece, and the comfortable environment can make people feel happy, thereby effectively improving labor productivity.
      Large-scale logistics warehouses and distribution centers: improve air quality, drive moisture and dehumidification, and prevent stored goods from rusting and decaying. It also enables employees to enjoy a comfortable working environment and reduce the error rate of sending and receiving goods.
Large public buildings such as shopping malls, stadiums, stations, airports, etc.: promote air circulation, dispel odors, create a comfortable shopping and viewing environment, and increase sales. Moreover, Heng Zhengtong's super large fan itself is also a unique landscape.
      Large-scale farms: including dairy farms, farms, hatcheries, etc. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidification, deodorization, and reduce the incidence of livestock. Appropriate temperature can make the animals feel comfortable and stimulate the rapid growth of the animals, thereby increasing the yield of the stocking animals and increasing the output of the eggs and milk.
      Used in conjunction with air conditioning and heating: A direct power source for developing high-volume, low-speed fans is to reduce production costs and create a comfortable environment in a low-carbon green way through low-energy and high-efficiency methods. In a large air-conditioned space, through a large area of air movement, the air is sent to the entire space, and the temperature of the air conditioner can be set higher than usual by 3 to 5 ° C without reducing the cooling sensation. The electricity consumption saved directly reduces the production cost of users and objectively reduces the carbon emissions of power plants.
      In the large space for heating in winter, the hot air collected at the top is pushed to the ground by the reverse rotation of the fan, thereby achieving temperature balance of the entire indoor space and reducing the huge waste of heat. Reducing the amount of heating directly saves fuel, reduces the cost of the user, and objectively reduces the carbon emissions and environmental pollution generated by the boiler.