Large industrial fan selection criteria

August 05 , 2019
    With the increasing market demand for large industrial fans and the low threshold of industrial fan technology, resulting in a large amount of capital injection, the quality of products on the market is uneven, so consumers must choose quality products when selecting large industrial fans. So, how do we choose so many manufacturers on the market?
Here are the few standards that you need to look for when purchasing large industrial fans:
1. The speed and power of a large industrial fan. The speed of the fan is the same as the power. The higher the speed, the greater the wind and the better the heat dissipation. However, high speed will cause high vibration, and the noise will follow. The higher the speed, the greater the impact on the service life of the fan. When purchasing, it should be selected according to the heat generated by the product.
2. Look at the low-speed, medium-speed gear, especially when the high-speed gear rotates, whether the motor head and the whole machine will shake.
3. After watching the high-speed rotation for a long time, the heat of the front shell of the industrial fan motor is sensed by hand or other instruments. If it feels very hot, the thermal performance of the industrial fan motor is not good.
The fans on the market today are made of aluminum and copper. Deno industrial fan blades use aerodynamic principles and streamlined blades manufactured by advanced technology to handle special environmental operations and provide excellent ventilation, which can effectively solve the problem of plant ventilation.